A melody!

Its funy when you see yourself looking from the outside.
I'm standing here,
But all I whant, is to be over there.
Why did I let my self belive,
miricals can happen.
Caus now I have to pretend,
that I dont really care.
I thought you were a faritail,
my dream when I not sleeping.
I wish upon a star, thats coming true.
But everybode els could tell,
that I confused my feelings, whith the true,
when there was me and you.
I swore I new the melody,
there I heard you singing.
And when you smile,
You make me feel, that I could sing along.
But then you whent and changes the words,
now my heart is emty.
I now you were a faritail,
a dream are meant for sleeping.
And wishes on a star, just not come true!


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